New album 'MADE IN GRACE' on the way in the fullness of time.Been putting my oars in on my own work over the last couple of months between the jigs and the reels and will have brand new work available to the world and hopefully some live gigs to come meet yaz all in the coming months the tour dates will be posted when they arrive in the meantime below are 4 tracks for your inner ears some from the new album thank for visiting me and hope you are touched by my music send us a note to say hi  
Godbless x
Dnot bivleve your eeys (Don't believe your eyes a featured song in a documentary entitled Another way Home from Director and scholar Michael Twomey from Youghal. The song has been thru many different versions and I settled on this as it conveys the essence of the message if ya get me ...
On we go friend Leo Mullane on vocals its part of a project where I call on young singers to put their interpretation thru voice on my tracks this is another song written in a short time in the West  Cork
Emmanuel was a quicky written in record time of ten minutes goes to show songs are gifts of the highest order At the bedside of a friend 'Dan' dying of cancer whom bobby helped nurse and pass on this song was sung hundreds of times to him and down the phone  to friends .....
Dear Mary tell of the trust we have in mother life and nature its title is drawn from the Christs mother Mary but it speaks of nature and its power as seen thru my eyes ...

Bobby Lee The Roots Collection is a gathering of songs recorded from different eras of my life .It features songs Ive written and co-wrote with young and aging singers and bands. Its been a joy and pleasure to be able to share in this experience called music and observe how it enriches lives and helps people grow and flower into happy humans.I picked 12 songs that reflect my time so far .

Currently we are in the second phase of production at Clay castle Studios Youghal on ROOTS 3 ,a 17 track CD from young musicians .
The Bobby Lee Roots collection is "FREE" for you to download if you wish, be my guest, or give what you believe its worth to you and help us complete The Roots part 3 Project .